De Familie Brontë

Better to be without logic than without feeling

An Orphan’s Lament

| 23 januari 2012

She’s gone — and twice the summer’s sun Has gilt Regina’s towers, And melted wild Angora’s snows, And warmed Exina’s bowers. The flowerets twice on hill and dale Have bloomed and died away, And twice the rustling forest leaves Have fallen to decay, And thrice stern winter’s icy hand Has checked the river’s flow, And [...]

The Doubter’s Prayer

| 18 januari 2012

ETERNAL Power, of earth and air! Unseen, yet seen in all around, Remote, but dwelling everywhere, Though silent, heard in every sound. If e’er thine ear in mercy bent, When wretched mortals cried to Thee, And if, indeed, Thy Son was sent, To save lost sinners such as me: Then hear me now, while, kneeling [...]

Grafsteen Anne Brontë niet meer te redden

| 5 oktober 2010

De grafsteen van Anne Brontë in Scarborough is niet meer te redden en wordt aan de elementen prijsgegeven. Dat meldt Brontë Society Trustee Stephen Whitehead vandaag via de Brontë Parsonage Blog. De beheerders van de steen besloten van verdere conservering af te zien nadat door deskundigen is vastgesteld dat hij onomkeerbaar is aangetast door de [...]